Return Policy

Bangalore Shops is customer-oriented and we have put in a framework of policies to make it easy for customers to buy with confidence. Please go through this returns and refunds policy before you place any orders. Buyers may define their own policy pertaining to specific products that may vary from the general policy on returns and refunds.


Returns are accepted subject to following terms:

  • Goods purchased must be returned in the original packing along with all tags, wrappers and labels and must not be used or tampered with.
  • Intention to return must be intimated immediately upon receipt of material and check. If a buyer asks for returns after a week of purchase such claim may not be entertained.
  • Materials must be securely packed and dispatched to sender’s address only after our approval to return the material and at the buyer’s cost which shall be reimbursed depending on validity of claim.
  • Materials that are different in any specification as regards size, color, fabric or any other parameter describing the product from what has been ordered can be returned for refund or replacement.
  • Material that has been damaged or is defective in any way can be returned for refund or replacement.
  • Even if material is not defective and is as ordered and if the buyer wishes to return it, this is possible with prior concurrence but such a request must be initiated immediately on receipt of materials by buyer. A week’s period is allowed to lodge such requests for returns.
  • A buyer can ask for full refund in the case of late delivery or non delivery beyond what has been shown in the product offer page and order confirmation. Please check seller’s delivery time while placing order and allow for a couple of days for delays beyond our control. If products are not delivered beyond 15 days of the promised delivery date you can initiate a request for full refund. Please open your order page and open a dispute. You need to open a separate dispute for each order.
  • If items received by buyer are not according to description and according to order in any way, the buyer can initiate a request for refund immediately on receipt of materials. Buyer can ask for replacement as an alternative
  • If there is nothing wrong with the products and if they are fully as described then and in that case too buyer can initiate request for return and refund that will be processed without any issues. Buyer bears cost of return transportation to warehouse of seller within India.
  • If products are counterfeit or not genuine then the buyer is at liberty to reject the products and ask for full refund. However, this rarely happens because we vet sellers and products thoroughly before permitting them to sell online on Bangalore Shops platform.
  • If quantity received is less then buyer is entitled to ask for refund of balance amount or he can ask for fulfilment of complete order. But if products are not available then refund will be initiated.
  • Refund process will be initiated only after receipt of materials at seller’s end and on checking and verifying the genuine aspects of the buyer’s claim. If it is found that products have been used, tampered with, stained, torn or damaged or lack packing materials then buyer may not be eligible for refund.
  • Regardless of the issue at hand when a refund is initiated then it will follow the same financial and banking route used by buyer to make payment to seller. The process may take a few days.